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PlaswallTM - The Better Choice
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Traditional construction system users take everything in their stride. "Waste of time, money and material are natural", "Skilled labour issues... where is the choice?" "Bad material management and mess...it happens." Not any more. With FTS PlaswallTM unique properties, you actually save money and time while getting world-class quality. Here's how.

Workability: FTS PlaswallTM allows easy installation that is three times faster than any conventional construction. The site assembly of the main components can be done faster, reducing financing and labour costs. It is also completely scalable in terms of deploying multiple sets of equipment. One setup can produce enough numbers of FTS PlaswallTM for the simultaneous erection of up to 23 houses a day (45m or 6900 houses per year). 

Mobility: The mobile factory can be stationed on-site to reduce time and transportation cost. The movable manufacturing unit also attracts significantly less capital than a ‘fixed’ factory. 

Fewer skilled trades involved: Framing, masonry, insulation and other such skilled trades are reduced or eliminated. So, most of the work is done by unskilled labourers in lesser time. 

Faster ROI: Quicker installation and lower cost ensures faster and higher returns on the capital invested. 


Very low maintenance:
With a warranty on maintenance, there are no issues of cracking or chipping. Latex paints which have five times more life span compared to normal paints add to the life of a construction.  Pre-defined BoQ: Bill of Quantities, defined before work, results in a predictable cost and better inventory control. 

Reduced construction cost: Considerable savings in construction time and labour costs due to minimized use of skilled manpower and no requirement of heavy equipment on site. 

Economic sustainability: Except for FABFORMS’ patented HIMI and hardieflex sheets, all other materials like polystyrene, doors and windows and plumbing and electrical conduits can be obtained from the local market. 

Minimum wastage: Wastage is minimized as it is prefabricated to order. The concrete and other materials’ volume usage is exact and predictable.


Fire resistance: FTS PlaswallTM is non-combustible and has fire resistance for one hour as determined by ASTM E 119 tests. Its excellent thermal insulation acts as a thermic shield. 

Acoustic insulation:
Its inbuilt sound reduction properties make it excellent for sound absorption and noise isolation. Concrete walls carry sounds, thus hampering privacy. 

Termite resistance: FTS PlaswallTM is termite or vermin free whereas traditional buildings are quite vulnerable to such pests. It is also rust-proof and anti-rot. 

Humidity resistance: FTS PlaswallTM is humidity/water proof unlike conventional building systems which absorb moisture and breed microorganisms. No flaking or crumbling occurs due to moisture seepage. 

Durability: FTS PlaswallTM is not affected by biological or chemical phenomenon whereas traditional buildings corrode or develop cracks over time. Its shear wall makes it stronger than any conventional construction. 

High quality wall finish: FTS PlaswallTM is stronger than hollow block work, brick work and pre-cast concrete. Also, it is simple to erect with excellent quality finish. It eliminates the need for rendering finish to the wall surfaces. Durable finish eliminates re-work and repairs. No plastering is required due to cement rendering. So, there is no messy mixing on site and no workmanship issues. 


Safe and Bio Compatible: There is no CFS(cold formed steel) in the polystyrene (in case of thermal panels)and forestry products can be avoided completely. It is a green product made. HIMI from 100% recycled plastic. 

Social Benefits: Unskilled workers receive on-the-job training and thus get better job opportunities. Secondly, at competitive costs, FTS PlaswallTM? building system is built to exceptional standards that enhance the citizen’s lifestyles. 

KINDLY NOTE: FTS Sterling Building Technology Pvt. Ltd., India, FTS Construction & Development Corporation, Philippines and PLASWALL™ Manufacturing & Development Inc. (for USA market) are the only companies authorized to market FTS PlaswallTM, appoint franchisees and set up factories internationally. Legal action would be taken against companies making false claims about the FTS PlaswallTM technology.