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Frequently Asked Question
What is FTS?
“FTS Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.” is a joint venture between    “FTS, India” & “Fabtech Construction & Development Corp. Philippines”. We are innovative building system providers for all construction applications.
What is FTS Plaswall?TM?

“FTS Plaswall?TM” is an innovative, patented, light weight concrete form / thermally insulated system designed to produce high quality load bearing walls for residential and commercial projects, utilizing 100% recycled plastic injection moulded inserts bonded between two layers of hardie flex boards and filled with concrete in-situ to produce a straight to finish wall.

This unique pre-engineered & pre-fabricated system is used for clean hygienic & speedy construction. And is taking the world by storm. In Philippines, Australia and Qatar. It’s becoming a norm and appreciated for its quality, finish & performance.

Where it can be used?
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


  • At least three times faster than conventional technology
  • Faster returns on capital invested
  • Energy conversation (In insulated system), recommended for hot countries.
  • Very low maintenance 
  • Bill of quantities defined before work hence predictable cost & better control.


  • Fire resistant
  • Termite resistant
  • Good sound insulation
  • Weather resistant
  • High workability
  • Immune to water damage
  • Earth quake resistant
  • No worry about brick work quality
  • No worry about shortage of quality masons
  • No plastering due to cement rendering (No messy mixing at site, workmanship issues)
  • No curing required
  • No cracks due to brick laying hence long life
Our Strategy

Why Franchise Model?

  • We adopt the Franchise Model (instead of only we doing the contracting) with the Amoeba Concept of MLM (Multi Level Marketing)
  • To tap the huge potential the world has to offer.
  • To get this wonderful concept reach all the areas of the world.
  • To get more and more heads, hands and pockets to make this technology visible.

We appoint one franchise in one region, he appoints more non competing franchise  and those more appoint more – create a network right of franchise holders/contractors to make this concept popular and install a profit sharing chain.

First franchise appointing five more makes his franchise cost free.

Franchise Cost:

  • Franchise
  • Mobile Assembly Set Up
  • Permanent Set Up
What is the Franchise Package?
  • Supply of Factory Set Up – (Mobile or Permanent)
  • Supply of manufacturing equipments, jigs & fixtures & raw material for 200 sqm wall construction.
  • Technology for design & manufacturing of  “Fabtech Plaswall?TM” systems.
  • Training of manpower for Fabtech Plaswall?TM assembly and installation.
What is mobile & Permanent assembly set up?

Mobile Assembly Set Up

  • Is ideal for making Fabtech Plaswall?TM on site to cater to medium and large sites.
  • The set-up is housed in a temporary shed at site. A team of 8-12 people is employed to make Fabtech Plaswall?TM and keep supplying to the project. And is then moved out once panel work is over.

Permanent Set Up

  • Permanent set up is housed in a 1200sqm shed unit and 1500sqm open space (for storage)
  • 5 Skilled, 15Unskilled manpower needed.
  • A permanent set up ideally services one or many contractor/projects in a particular

Here the revenue mode is largely on ‘Fabtech Plaswall?TM’ selling to contractors. And/or multiple projects of franchise holder in a particular area.

A delivery van/truck is to be needed to deliver daily panels to a site.