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Media Visits FTS, Philippines to Witness the Amazing Technology
FT Buildtch Pvt. Ltd. recently invited 20 journalists from various media across the country to Manila, Philippines, to give them a first-hand experience of FTS PlaswallTM, right from its technology and technique to its advantages. The Indian media were indeed surprised to witness a meager 15-odd labourers fussing around at the workshop. At the workshop, no noisy drill and messy floors - labour were effortlessly working on prefabricated fibrocement formwork that would be used as wall with braces supporting the concreting.

Excerpts from what they had to say:
A very well managed trip. Press Conference was very informative and the site visit was a good idea to make us understand the whole technique. Organizers were very friendly and cooperative. Fabtech looks promising and passionate people seem to be driving this company…
Amrita Pritam,  Zee Business.

Great experience about company and its technology. The agency as well as the management was very cooperative. Hope this help us to build good relation going forward.
Kapil Ghorpade-CNBC

It was an enjoyable experience being here in Philippines to understand how Fabtech works and to comprehend the potential of its business. It clearly shows great promise in the rapidly growing Indian real estate market. While we hope to spread the word in the community, we hope you achieve what you have set out to do. The trip was well organized and thank you for the hospitality.
Sushmita. ET Now.

Thank you for a wonderful and enjoyable experience. What I have seen and observed these past few days holds a lot of promise for the future. Apart from being environment friendly,FTS PlaswallTM sure seems a viable option for mass housing requirements for India… I wish the very best for your future. 
Robin Abreu, Business India
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