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The construction sector is witnessing rapid change in a growing country like India. Along with an increased demand for space, there is a growing need for innovative construction practices that encourage sustainable, lightweight and faster construction. With the advent of more and more leading global corporate companies into the country the need for best construction practices is growing by the day. It is imperative to bring the industry together on a platform to share these best practices. With this in mind Zak endeavored to put together a forum in this direction. The first "Innovative, Lightweight, Faster and Sustainable Building Construction Technology Expo" was a step in this direction. Fabtech Sterling Building Technologies Pvt. Ltd. participated in this reputed technology expo organized from 30 Sep - 03 Oct 2010 at the Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai. This expo proved a window to the huge construction projects giving opportunity to all the exhibitors to share their technology and come in contact with potential clients to present their products and services.

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