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What Plaswall™ is not?

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1. A pre-cast system.

2. Different in engineering requirements from regular RC walls and structures. It meets all the building codes across the globe.

3. A new system but an innovative building technique for RC construction (one of the most common types of construction worldwide).

4. Limiting in any way to any kind of architectural plan. It does not hinder or obstruct the execution of any construction.

5. Costly like conventional methods. It is in fact, cheaper compared to many low-cost solutions in most cases & locations.

6. Difficult to be adopted and used by conventional builders.

7. Expensive in terms of setting up a factory or facilities globally.

8. Tough to be used even in reclaimed and backfilled locations.

9. Unpredictable in building time and costs, thus making time schedules possible to adhere to.

10. Varying in quality irrespective of the number of contractors used.

11. As quickly deteriorating as conventional construction and requires virtually no maintenance throughout its life.