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At FTS, we can provide all-round support from conceptualizing to development in design and engineering for all your architectural and engineering needs. 

Right from the onsite training of contractors in use of systems worldwide to the complete setup and training for manufacture in any country, our company has a highly professional network to ensure that you are acclimatized with the use and adaptability of PlaswallTM according to your requirement. 

We also supply the building systems globally besides offering turnkey building services in select locations. 

At a glance, this is our range of services:
•  Total design and engineering services from Architectural to Engineering
•  Onsite training of contractors for using systems worldwide
•  Complete turnkey building services
•  Full-fledged set-up & training for manufacture in any country for our systems
•  Supply of building systems globally

PlaswallTM applications include:
• Residential - Villas, Apartment ( upto 04 storeys )
• Industrial – Labour camps