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Unique Advantages
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FTS PlaswallTM scores over conventional methods in many areas. From the ease of process to minimizing wastage, every aspect has been thought through completely. Here are a few benefits of using FTS PlaswallTM

•  The length and thickness of the panel can be adjusted and requires only replacing of the spacers to obtain     the modified dimension.

•  The resultant monolithic structure is adaptable to virtually any structural requirement or climatic,     environmental or seismic condition, even extreme conditions like earthquakes and cyclones.

•  Design flexibility allows any configuration imaginable, meeting all the client’s requirements. It includes    arches, curved walls, A-frames, balconies, verandas, retaining walls, large halls.

•  It saves energy equal to 40% both while heating and cooling. FTS PlaswallTM can be deployed in climates     varying from (-30 C) to (+40 C).

•  The insulation foam core produces a thermally efficient unit (only in thermal panels).

•  It is a versatile solution used in the construction of houses and apartments, low rise urban buildings as well    as other commercial structures like warehouses, storage facilities and office blocks.

Comparison of Plaswall with regular Conventional method
green homes india, green homes mumbai, structural landscaping
  Plaswall™   Conventional Method
Column & Beams Not Required Required
Carpet area 6 - 7 % More Less Compared to plaswall
Plastering Not Required Required
Seepage & Leakage Nil Possibility
Water absorption Almost Nil More
Curing Not Required Required
Green Product Yes No
Fire Resistance 3 hr 2 hr
Flexural Strength 3 Mpa 0.45 Mpa
Compressive Strength as per grade of Concrete 3.50 Mpa
Peakground acceleration
related to earthquake
0.4 g 0.25 g
Wind Pressure upto 250 Kms/hr upto 150 Kms/hr
Constructibility Semi Skilled Skilled
Acoustics 0.23 w/m°k 0.77 w/m°k
Wall Thickness 87/112/137/162 mm 115/150/230/350 mm
Foundation Strip/Raft Isolated Footing
Services MEP Embedded Open Conduit
Wastage Minimal 5 - 10 %